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Red Shutter Photography,
previously known as
Precision Photo, derives its
name from the Red Shutter
Inn (a late 1700's inn near
Simsbury CT). Although the
Inn is no longer in service,
we have kept the name since
we now occupy the building. 
A small sampling of images
from our collection is
available here at this site.
Please feel free to browse
these images at your leisure.
Note: The images are all
high-quality so they may
take a while to load if you
are using a modem. Feedback
is always appreciated. Feel
free to email us at Red
Shutter Photography!


the Photographer

At the age of 9, Bruno was fascinated with B&W photography and its medium. He began photography in 1972, and immediately showed great talent. His love to the outdoors and nature, made him prolific and successful at capturing nature at its best. Some of his work was compared to Ansel Adams.  Photography did not limit Bruno to use other artistic effects on his work. Applying colors and finishes to achieve authenticity and accuracy.  For more information contact Bruno at: (860) 658-2000.